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Pest Identification for insects in Southwestern PA

What type of Pest is Invading your Home?

Generally, insects become more apparent as the weather begins to warm up. Right before summer is the best time to begin preventive pest control precautions in order to avoid those infestations. However, pests that do not die off at the end of summer will look for shelter, and begin migrating back into your home. Some of these insects are more identifiable than others.

Pest Identification

Ladybugs are generally red, beetle-like insects with black dots on their backs. Spiders have eight legs and spin webs. Houseflies are generally darker-colored bugs with thin wings. For the most part, many people understand what common insects may look like. However, what if you do not know what type of bug or other pest is invading your home? Take a look at our pest identification chart below. Once you have identified the pest, call Sean Rock Exterminating, or request a free quote to begin the extermination process.

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