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Swarmer and Worker Termite Control Services

Stop Termite Damage Before it Starts!

No matter what type of construction is used to build your home or business, termite infestations are always a concern. Any object that contains cellulose, such as wooden boards and joists, drywall, leather, paper, and even animal fur is prone to termites. With Sean Rock Exterminating, you can stop the damage before it starts!

Signs of Termite Infestations

Wood-destroying insects such as termites can bore into the wood foundations of your home or other buildings. This can cause expensive, and sometimes irreparable damage to the structure of your property to the point of causing a serious safety hazard. If you see any of the following signs of termites, call the termite expert.  We serve Greensburg, Ligonier, Pittsburgh, Monroeville, Belle Vernon, Indiana, Latrobe and more!


  1. Discarded Wings: leftover termite wings are generally found near windows and doors

  2. Mud Tubes: tunnels made by termites will be apparent where your building meets the ground

  3. Wood Damage: can be  found behind walls, floors, and other surfaces

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