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Pest Identification for insects in Southwestern PA



Swarmers, Soldiers & Workers 


Subterranean Termites' wings are brownish gray with a few hairs. They also have two dark veins on the leading edge. The soldiers are wingless with white bodies, rectangular yellow-brown heads (which are two times long than their width) and large mandibles, which lack teeth.

Size: About 3/8 of an inch long

Color: Dark brown to almost black

Activity/Behavior: There are three castes of a subterranean termite colony: swarmers and reproducers, workers, and soldiers. Termite antennae have bead-like segments. The winged swarmers have a pair of equally sized long wings that are attacked to the last two thoracic segments. The wings break off after swarming.

Where They Live: Subterranean termite colonies usually are located in the soil from which the workers build mud tubes to structural wood where they then feed.

Tips for Control: Because they swarm in the soil, termites are extremely difficult to find and capture. A professional technician will be best equipped to bait and capture the termites and destroy the colonies.

How Sean Rock Exterminating Can Help:  Control of subterranean termites takes persistence and experience. Termites have many hiding places, deep in the ground and often in hard-to-reach, wet, dark crawlspaces. Also, they are often not attracted to baits, but rather stumble across them accidentally. The important thing is to block them from their life supply, and a trained pest control professional can help you get rid of termites.

Sean Rock Exterminating follows a strict set of guidelines to ensure your health and safety. We use only products which are registered with the EPA.

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